NECROMANTIA - Epitaph : The Complete Worx - BOX 9-LP Set Deluxe Agrandir

NECROMANTIA - Epitaph : The Complete Worx - BOX 9-LP Set Deluxe

Black Metal, Grèce

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299,00 €

2022 - The Circle Music

Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies (N°204/500)

3 gold, 3 red and 3 black 180g vinyls.
Sleeves with the seal of different demons in gold.
9 high quality posters (30x30cm)
Black cardboard box with band's insignia.
Ηand-numbered ψertificate of authenticity signed by The Magus.

1. The Utter Darkness  
A1   Family Of Dog (The Feast Of Ghouls)
A2   De Magia Veterum (The Dawn Of Utter Darkness)
Ω1   Faceless Gods
Ω2   Evil Prayers
Ω3   Lycanthropia
Ω4   La Mort
 2. The Black Arts      
A1   Lord of the Abyss
A2   The Feast Of Ghouls
Ω1   Evil Prayers
Ω2   Lycanthropia
 3. Crossing the Fiery Path      
A1   The Vampire Lord Speaks
A2   The Warlock
A3   Last Song for Valdezie
A4   Unchaining The Wolf (at War...)
Ω1   Les Litanies De Satan
Ω2   Lord Of The Abyss
Ω3   Tribes Of The Moon
 4. Scarlet Evil, Witching Black      
A1   Devilskin
A2   Black Mirror
A3   Pretender To The Throne (Opus I: The Usurper’s Spawn)
A4   The Arcane Light Of Hecate
Ω1   Scarlet, Witching Dreams
Ω2   The Serpent And The Pentagram
Ω3   Pretender To The Throne (Opus IΙ: Battle At The Netherworld)
Ω4   Spiritdance
 5. Ancient Pride      
A1   Shaman
A2   Ancient Pride
A3   For The Light Of My Darkness
Ω1   Each Dawn I Die (Manowar cover)
Ω2   Spiritforms Of The Psychomancer
 6. IV: Malice      
A1   The Blair Witch Cult
A2   Those Who Never Sleep
A3   Disciples Of Sophia
A4   Murder, Magic And Tears
Ω1   Invictus
Ω2   Malice
Ω3   Circle Of Burned Doves
 7. The Sound Of Lucifer Storming Heaven        
A1   The Sound Of Lucifer Storming Heaven
A2   The Order Of The Black Sphinx
A3   For The Elder Magi: Eibon The Necromancer
A4   Architecture of Exquisite Madness
Ω1   Knights Of The Black And White Eagle
Ω2   The Invisible Empire
Ω3   Hellseher
Ω4   Les Litanies de Satan - Act IΙ: From Hell
 8. The Serpent Skull      
A1   Magnum Arcanum
A2   People Of The Sea
A3   My World, Your Hell
Ω1   Death Rider (Omen Cover)
Ω2   The Number Of The Beast (Iron Maiden Cover)
Ω3   Demon’s Whip (Manowar Cover)
Ω4   Mordor (Running Wild Cover)
 9. To the Depths We Descend...        
A1   Daemonocentric
A2   And The Shadows Wept
A3   Give The Devil His Due
A4   Inferno
A5   Eldritch
Ω1   To The Depths We Descend
Ω2   Lord Of The Abyss MMXXI
Ω3   The Warlock MMXXI


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