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METALLICA - Metallica - BOX 14-CD+6-LP+6-DVD

Heavy Metal

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Re-issue 2021 Blackened

Edition Deluxe Remastered, 180 gram

Box set with magnetic flap. Comes with a back sheet, MP3 download card of all audio, four tour laminates, lanyard, three lithos, three guitar picks, lyric folder with a lyric sheet for each song on the original album except "The Struggle Within", and a 120-page hardcover book with never-before-seen photos + stories.

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A1   Enter Sandman 5:31
A2   Sad But True 5:24
A3   Holier Than Thou 3:48
B1   The Unforgiven 6:27
B2   Wherever I May Roam 6:44
B3   Don’t Tread On Me 4:01
C1   Through The Never 4:04
C2   Nothing Else Matters 6:28
C3   Of Wolf And Man 4:17
D1   The God That Failed 5:08
D2   My Friend Of Misery 6:49
D3   The Struggle Within 3:54
 Sad But True      
E1   Sad But True 5:27
E2   Nothing Else Matters (Elevator Version) 6:31
F1   Creeping Death (Live) 8:02
F2   Sad But True (Demo) 4:54
    Live At Wembley Stadium, London, England - April 20th, 1992  
G1   Enter Sandman (Live) 7:06
H1   Sad But True (Live) 5:37
H2   Nothing Else Matters (Live) 6:23
    Live At Tushino Airfield, Moscow, Russia - September 28th, 1991  
I1   The Ecstasy Of Gold 1:53
I2   Enter Sandman (Live) 5:21
I3   Creeping Death (Live) 7:57

Harvester Of Sorrow (Live)

J1   Fade To Black (Live) 7:47
J2   Sad But True (Live) 6:01
J3   Master Of Puppets (Live) 4:15
K1   Seek And Destroy (Live) 7:51
K2   For Whom The Bell Tolls (Live) 5:48
K3   One (Live) 8:13
L1   Whiplash (Live) 5:53
L2   Encore Jam (Live) 1:29
L3   Last Caress (Live) 1:27
L4   Am I Evil ? (Live) 4:44
L5   Battery (Live) 7:13
CD1-1   Enter Sandman 5:32
CD1-2   Sad But True 5:23
CD1-3   Holier Than Thou 3:48
CD1-4   The Unforgiven 6:25
CD1-5   Wherever I May Roam 6:43
CD1-6   Don't Tread On Me 4:00
CD1-7   Through The Never 4:02
CD1-8   Nothing Else Matters 6:29
CD1-9   Of Wolf And Man 4:17
CD1-10   The God That Failed 5:09
CD1-11   My Friend Of Misery 6:47
CD1-12   The Struggle Within 3:53
    The Interviews  
    Interviews: The David Fricke Tapes  
CD2-1   Kirk/David Fricke Interview 15:35
CD2-2   Jason/David Fricke Interview 16:47
CD2-3   Lars/David Fricke Interview 19:43
CD2-4   James/David Fricke Interview 22:42
    Interviews: The Steffan Chirazi Tapes  
CD3-1   Lars/Steffan Chirazi Interview 43:27
CD3-2   Jason/Steffan Chirazi Interview 8:19
CD3-3   Kirk/Steffan Chirazi Interview 10:58
CD3-4   James/Steffan Chirazi Interview 17:09
    Riffs & Demos (Disc 1)  
CD4-1   The Unforgiven (From James' Riff Tapes) 1:08
CD4-2   Nothing Else Matters (From James' Riff Tapes) 4:55
CD4-3   Sad But True (From James' Riff Tapes) 0:55
CD4-4   Holier Than Thou (From James' Riff Tapes) 1:47
CD4-5   Don't Tread On Me (From James' Riff Tapes) 1:12
CD4-6   The Unforgiven (From James' Riff Tapes II) 0:21
CD4-7   The Struggle Within (From James' Riff Tapes)


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