DRAGONLAND - Holy War - BOX CD Occas Agrandir

DRAGONLAND - Holy War - BOX CD Occas

Power Heavy Metal - Suède

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BLR/CD 036

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8,00 €

2002 - Black Lotus

BOX avec Tranche Abîmée et dos rayé

Limited Box edition containing: 
"Holy War" album in regular CD edition 
- poster 
- sticker.

1   Hundred Years Have Passed
2   Majesty Of The Mithrill Mountains
3   Through Elven Woods And Dwarven Mines
4   Holy War
5   Calm Before The Storm
6   The Return To The Ivory Plains
7   Forever Walking Alone
8   Blazing Hate
9   A Thousand Points Of Light
10     One With All



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