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RIOT - LIVE In Japan 2018 - Box 2-CD+DVD

Heavy Speed ; USA

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AFM 735-7

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2019  ; AFM

CD1-1   Armor of Light 4:41
CD1-2   Ride Hard Live Free 4:48
CD1-3   On Your Knees 4:14
CD1-4   Metal Soldiers 4:46
CD1-5   Fall From The Sky 5:13
CD1-6   Wings Are For Angels 5:19
CD1-7   Land Of The Rising Sun 4:11
CD1-8   Take Me Back 4:30
CD1-9   Messiah 4:18
CD1-10   Angel Eyes 4:40
CD1-11   Metal Warrior 5:28
CD2-1   Thundersteel 4:13
CD2-2   Fight Or Fall 4:15
CD2-3   Sign Of The Crimson Storm   4:51
CD2-4   Flight Of The Warrior 4:22
CD2-5   On Wings Of Eagles 5:50
CD2-6   Johnny’s Back 5:49
CD2-7   Bloodstreets 5:21
CD2-8   Run For Your Life 4:35
CD2-9   Buried Alive 5:46
CD2-10   Road Racin’ 5:48
CD2-11   Swords And Tequila 3:38
CD2-12   Warrior 5:19
DVD-1   Armor of Light
DVD-2   Ride Hard Live Free
DVD-3   On Your Knees
DVD-4   Metal Soldiers
DVD-5   Fall From The Sky
DVD-6   Wings Are For Angels
DVD1-7   Land Of The Rising Sun
DVD-8   Take Me Back
DVD-9   Messiah
DVD-10   Angel Eyes
DVD-11   Metal Warrior
DVD-12   Thundersteel
DVD-13   Fight Or Fall
DVD-14   Sign Of The Crimson Storm
DVD-15   Flight Of The Warrior
DVD-16     On Wings Of Eagles
DVD-17   Johnny's Back
DVD-18   Bloodstreets
DVD-19   Run For Your Life
DVD-20   Buried Alive
DVD-21   Road Racin'
DVD-22   Swords & Tequila
DVD-23   Warrior



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