ABHORRENCE - Completely Vulgar - Purple 2-LP Gatefold Maximize

ABHORRENCE - Completely Vulgar - Purple 2-LP Gatefold

Death Metal ; Finland

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Re-issue 2021 - Svart Records


7" EP  
A1   The Cult (Intro)
A2   Pestilential Mists
A3   Holy Laws Of Pain
A4   Caught In A Vortex
A5   Disintegration Of Flesh
    Vulgar Necrolatry - Demo  
B1   Intro / Vulgar Necrolatry
B2   Pleasures Of Putrid Flesh
B3   Devourer Of Souls
    Live In Turku '90  
C1   Vulgar Necrolatry
C2   Pestilential Mists (Old Version)
C3   The Macabre Masquerade
C4   Disintegration Of The Flesh (Old Version)
C5   Holy Laws Of Pain (Old Version)
C6   Adoration Of Abscessed Cadavers
    Rehearsal Tape '90  
D1   The Macabre Masquerade
D2   Adoration Of Abcessed Cadavers
    Macabre Masquerade Rehearsal Demo '90  
D3   Pestilential Mists
D4   The Macabre Masquerade
D5   Adoration Of Abcessed Cadavers
D6   Vulgar Necrolatry
D7   Caught In A Vortex

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