VENOM - In Nomine Satanas - BOX 6-LP Splatter + 1-LP 7" Picture Agrandir

VENOM - In Nomine Satanas - BOX 6-LP Splatter + 1-EP 7" Picture

Thrash Metal - UK

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2019 - BMG

In Nomine Satanas 
40 Years In Sodom
Limited Edition Box Set
Previously Unreleased Demo Double Album
"The History Of Venom" 40 Page Book
Classic Neat Albums Remastered From Original Tapes
Vinyl On Colour Splatter & Swirl For The First Time
Reproduction Seven Dates Of Hell Tour Poster
Bloodlust Shaped Picture Disc 7"
Reproduction '85 Tour Program
Venom's Legions Back Patch


Welcome To Hell
A-1 Sons Of Satan  
A-2 Welcome To Hell  
A-3 Schizo  
A-4 Mayhem With Mercy  
A-5 Poison  
A-6 Live Like An Angel (Die Like A Devil)  
B-1 Witching Hour  
B-2 One Thousand Days In Sodom  
B-3 Angel Dust  
B-4 In League With Satan  
B-5 Red Light Fever  
  Black Metal
C-1 Black Metal  
C-2 To Hell And Back  
C-3 Buried Alive  
C-4 Raise The Dead  
C-5 Teacher's Pet  
D-1 Leave Me In Hell  
D-2 Sacrifice  
D-3 Heaven's On Fire  
D-4 Countess Bathory  
D-5 Don't Burn The Witch  
D-6 At War With Satan  
  At War With Satan
E-1 At War With Satan  
F-1 Rip Ride  
F-2 Genocide  
F-3 Cry Wolf  
F-4 Stand Up (And Be Counted)  
F-5 Women, Leather And Hell  
F-6 Aaaaaarrghh  
G-1 Powerdrive  
G-2 Flytrap  
G-3 Satanarchist  
G-4 Burn This Place (To The Ground)  
G-5 Harmony Dies  
G-6 Possessed  
H-1 Hellchild  
H-2 Moonshine  
H-3 Wing And A Prayer  
H-4 Suffer Not The Children  
H-5 Voyeur  
H-6 Mystique  
H-7 Too Loud (For The Crowd)  
  Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
I-1 Intro / Too Loud (For The Crowd)  
I-2 Seven Gates Of Hell  
I-3 Leave Me In Hell  
I-4 Nightmare  
I-5 Countess Bathory  
J-1 Die Hard  
J-2 Schizo  
J-3 Guitar Solo - Mantas  
J-4 In Nomine Satanas  
J-5 Witching Hour  
K-1 Black Metal  
K-2 The Chanting Of The Priests  
K-3 Satanarchist  
K-4 Flytrap  
K-5 Warhead  
L-1 Buried Alive / Love Amongst The Dead  
L-2 Bass Solo - Cronos  
L-3 Welcome To Hell / Bloodlust  
  Sons Of Satan Rare and Unreleased
M-1 Angel Dust (Church Hall Rehearsals 1979AD)  
M-2 Buried Alive (Church Hall Rehearsals 1979AD)  
M-3 Raise The Dead (Church Hall Rehearsals 1979AD)  
M-4 Red Light Fever (Church Hall Rehearsals 1979AD)  
M-5 Venom (Church Hall Rehearsals 1979AD)  
N-1 Sons Of Satan (1980AD Impulse Studios - £50 Demo Recordings)  
N-2       In League With Satan (1980AD Impulse Studios - £50 Demo Recordings)  
N-3 Angel Dust (1980AD Impulse Studios - £50 Demo Recordings)  
N-4 Live Like An Angel (1980AD Impulse Studios - £50 Demo Recordings)  
O-1 Schizo (1980AD Impulse Studios - £50 Demo Recordings)  
O-2 Venom (1980AD Impulse Studios - £50 Demo Recordings)  
O-3 Angel Dust (Impulse Studio Demo Session 1980AD)  
O-4 Raise The Dead (Impulse Studio Demo Session 1980AD)  
P-1 Red Light Fever (Impulse Studio Demo Session 1980AD)  
P-2 At War With Satan (1983AD Impulse Studio - At War Demos)  
  Bloodlust Shaped 7" Picture Disc Single
Q-1 Bloodlust  
R-1 In Nomine Satanas


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