BENEDICTION - Killing Music - LP Silver + CD Gatefold Agrandir

BENEDICTION - Killing Music - LP Silver + CD Gatefold

Death Metal ; Royaume-Uni

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Re-issue 2019 ; Nuclear Blast

A1 Intro  
A2 The Grey Man  
A3 Controlopolis (Rats In The Mask)  
A4 Killing Music  
A5 They Must Die Screaming  
A6 Dripping With Disgust  
A7 Wrath And Regret  
B1 As Her Skin Weeps  
B2 Cold, Deathless, Unrepentant  
B3 Immaculate Facade  
B4 Burying The Hatchet  
B5 Beg, You Dogs  
B6 Seeing Through My Eyes  
B7 Largactyl  
CD-1 Intro  
CD-2 The Grey Man  
CD-3 Controlopolis (Rats In The Mask)  
CD-4 Killing Music  
CD-5 They Must Die Screaming  
CD-6 Dripping With Disgust  
CD-7 Wrath And Regret  
CD-8 As Her Skin Weeps  
CD-9 Cold, Deathless, Unrepentant  
CD-10 Immaculate Facade  
CD-11 Burying The Hatchet  
CD-12 Beg, You Dogs  
CD-13 Dissembler  
CD-14 Betrayer  
CD-15 They Bleed  
CD-16   Seeing Through My Eyes  
CD-17 Largactyl


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