HAMMERFALL - Live !   Against The World - 2-CD + Blu-Ray Digi Agrandir

HAMMERFALL - Live ! Against The World - 2-CD + Blu-Ray Digi

Power Metal

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2020 - Napalm Records

CD1-1 Never Forgive, Never Forget     5:32
CD1-2 One Against The World 3:53
CD1-3 Heeding The Call 4:55
CD1-4 The Way Of The Warrior 5:07
CD1-5 Any Means Necessary 3:45
CD1-6 Hallowed Be My Name 4:39
CD1-7 Blood Bound 3:49
CD1-8 Redemption 6:58
CD1-9 Hector's Hymn 5:48
CD1-10 Natural High 4:33
CD2-1 Second To One
Featuring – Noora Louhimo
CD2-2 Renegade Medley 7:01
CD2-3 Keep The Flame Burning 5:11
CD2-4 Dominion 5:19
CD2-5 The Dragon Lies Bleeding 4:28
CD2-6 Last Man Standing 5:08
CD2-7 Let The Hammer Fall 8:31
CD2-8 Hammer High 5:23
CD2-9 (We Make) Sweden Rock 5:24
CD2-10 Hearts On Fire 5:09
BR-1 Never Forgive, Never Forget  
BR-2 One Against The World  
BR-3 Heeding The Call  
BR-4 The Way Of The Warrior  
BR-5 Any Means Necessary  
BR-6 Hallowed By My Name  
BR-7 Blood Bound  
BR-8 Redemption  
BR-9 Hector's Hymn  
BR-10 Natural High  
BR-11 Second To One
Featuring – Noora Louhimo
BR-12 Renegade Medley  
BR-13 Keep The Flame Burning  
BR-14 Dominion  
BR-15 The Dragon Lies Bleeding  
BR-16 Last Man Standing  
BR-17 Let The Hammer Fall  
BR-18 Hammer High  
BR-19 (We Make) Sweden Rock  
BR-20 Hearts On Fire  
  Music Videos:
BR-21 (We Make) Sweden Rock  
BR-22 One Against The World  
BR-23 Dominion  
BR-24 Second To One


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