AZURE EMOTE - The Gravity Of Impermanence - 2-LP Gatefold Agrandir

AZURE EMOTE - The Gravity Of Impermanence - 2-LP Gatefold

Technical Death Metal

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Avec Mike de MONSTROSITY !! Technical Death Metal avec d'autres influences (Indus, Atmos...)

Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies. 

Gatefold double LP with two bonus tracks. 
Both bonus tracks ["Quantum Entanglement" and "In-Vain (Battling Passions)"] are not included on the CD release and available on the vinyl edition exclusively.
Epoch Of De-Evolution 05:41
A2 Carpe Diem 07:45
A3 Marching Forth 05:26
B1 Sunrise Slaughter 01:01
B2 Conduit Of Atrophy 03:28
B3 Veils Of Looming Despair 05:03
B4 Dissent 04:45
B5 Quantum Entanglement 04:43
C1 The Living Spiral 04:34
C2 Obsessive Time Directive 02:49
C3 Patholysis 02:05
C4 Destroyer Of Suffering 03:41
C5 In-Vain (Battling Passions) 05:35
D1 Annunaki Illuminati 03:41
D2 The Color Of Blood 04:32
D3 Puppet Deities 05:59


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