ABORYM - Dirty - 2-LP Jaune Agrandir

ABORYM - Dirty - 2-LP Jaune

Electro Metal

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20,00 €

Agonia 2013

Limited to 400 copies (out of 500 copies in total: first 100 copies are pressed on generic black vinyl).
Comes in gatefold cover sleeve and with insert.

Dirty I
A1 Irreversible Crisis
A2 Across The Universe
A3 Dirty
A4 Bleedthrough
A5 Raped By Daddy
B6 I Don't Know
B7 The Factory Of Death
B8 Helter Skelter Youth
B9 Face The Reptile
B10 The Day The Sun Stopped Shining
Dirty II  
C11 Fire Walk With Us!
C12 Roma Divina Urbs
C13 Hallowed Be Thy Name
D14 Comfortably Numb
D15 Hurt
D16 Need For Limited Loss


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