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HAMMERFALL - The Templar Renegade Crusades - DVD

Heavy Metal

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Nuclear Blast 2002

1 Intro 
2 Hansen Studios 
  (I Want Out,Hamburg,Germany)
3 The Templar World Crusade Europe 
4 The Templar World Crusade U.S.A. 
  (Legacy Of Kings,The Fox,Boulder,Colorado,U.S.A.)
5 The Templar World Crusade Japan
  (Remember Yesterday,On Air West,Tokyo,Japan)
6 The Templar World Crusade South America 
  (Warriors Of Faith,Estadio De Chile, Santiago,Chile)
7 Let The Hammer Fall 
  (Sweden Rock Festival,Norje, Sweden)
8 I Believe 
  (Trägårn,Göteborg, Sweden)
9 Breaking The Law 
  (Live, Studio And Rehearsal Clips 1999-2001)
10 WireWorld Studios 
  ("Renegade" Recordings, Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A.)
11 Renegade 
  (Video Clip)
12 Album Launch 
  (Signing Tour And Chart Position Celebration)
13 Always Will Be 
  (Video Clip)
14 The Renegade World Crusade Europe 
  (Raise The Hammer, Z7, Pratteln, Switzerland)
15 The Renegade World Crusade South America 
  (Stronger Than All, Santiago de Chile, Chile)
16 The Renegade World Crusade , Wacken
  (Templars Of Steel, Let The Hammer Fall, Renegade, HammerFall)
17 Heeding The Call 
  (Acoustic Version) CD-specialisten, Göteborg, Sweden
18 Gold Album Party - 
  Restaurant Trägårn, Göteborg, Sweden
19 A Legend Reborn - 
  Montage From Summer Festivals In Sweden 2001
20 Outro

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