LEAVES' EYES - We Came With The Northern Winds - En Saga I Belgia - 2-DVD + 2-CD Agrandir

LEAVES' EYES - We Came With The Northern Winds - En Saga I Belgia - 2-DVD + 2-CD

Folk Metal

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2009 - Napalm Records

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We Came With The Nothern Winds: The Movie
DVD1-01 The Story Of Leaves' Eyes  
DVD1-02 From Fjords And Wyths  
DVD1-03 Ode To Seamaid  
DVD1-04 Musical Nature  
DVD1-05 The Saga Of Viland  
DVD1-06 Sounds Of Strings  
DVD1-07 Across European Borders  
DVD1-08 Dark Emotions  
DVD1-09 Mexican Tales  
DVD1-10 Strange Melodies  
DVD1-11 Viva South America  
DVD1-12 Angelique Voices  
DVD1-13 Going Down Under  
DVD1-14 The Beauty And The Beast  
DVD1-15 American Dreams  
DVD1-16 The Passahe  
DVD1-01 Elegy (Video Clip)  
DVD1-02 Into Your Light (Video Clip)  
DVD1-03 Farewell Proud Men (From Mexico To Russia)  
DVD1-04 Legend Land  
DVD1-05 New Found Land  
DVD1-06 The Thorn (Live At Masters Of Rock)  
DVD1-07 The Crossing (American 2006 A.D. Trailer)  
DVD1-08 Photo Gallery  
  En Saga I Belgia: The Concert
DVD2-01 Intro - Vinland Saga  
DVD2-02 Farewell Proud Men  
DVD2-03 Ocean's Way  
DVD2-04 The Crossing  
DVD2-05 Into Your Light  
DVD2-06 The Thorn  
DVD2-07 Mourning Tree  
DVD2-08 For Amelie  
DVD2-09 Skraelings  
DVD2-10 Temptation  
DVD2-11 Tale Of The Seamaid  
DVD2-12 New Found Land  
DVD2-13 Leaves' Eyes  
DVD2-14 Solemn Sea  
DVD2-15 Amrhán (Song Of The Winds)  
DVD2-16 Norwegian Lovesong  
DVD2-17 Lyset  
DVD2-18 Legend Land  
DVD2-19 Elegy  
DVD2-20 Outro - Mot Fjerne Land  
DVD2-21 Making Of (Photo Gallery)  
  En Saga I Belgia: The Concert
CD1-01 Intro - Vinland Saga  
CD1-02 Farewell Proud Men  
CD1-03 Ocean's Way  
CD1-04 The Crossing  
CD1-05 Into Your Light  
CD1-06 The Thorn  
CD1-07 Mourning Tree  
CD1-08 For Amelie  
CD1-09 Skraelings  
CD1-10 Temptation  
  En Saga I Belgia: The Concert
CD2-01 Tale Of The Seamaid  
CD2-02 New Found Land  
CD2-03 Leaves' Eyes  
CD2-04 Solemn Sea  
CD2-05 Amrhán (Song Of The Winds)  
CD2-06 Norwegian Lovesong  
CD2-07 Lyset  
CD2-08 Legend Land  
CD2-09 Elegy  
CD2-10 Outro - Mot Fjerne Land


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