DAEMONIUM / AKHENATON / SANGDRAGON - Thy Mystic Trilogy - 3-LP Triple Gatefold Agrandir

DAEMONIUM / AKHENATON / SANGDRAGON - Thy Mystic Trilogy - 3-LP Triple Gatefold

Les 3 Albums de Lord Vincent réunis ! EN STOCK !!!

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29,00 €

Pour la première fois en vinyl, réunis dans un superbe Triple Gatefold limité à 500 copies !

Dark Opera Of The Ancient War Spirit (Or Search The Light)

Side A : 
Act I – Necromancy
Act II – Chaos’s Resurrection
Act III – By The Sword In The Blood
Act IV – Close The Eye Of Seth
Act V – Black Like The Hate
Side B : 
Act VI – De Legions
Act VII – Of Desolation
Act VIII – De Arcanium Daemonium
Act IX – And You’ll Rise Into The Light

Divine Symphonies

Side A : 
Act I – Rising (Intro)
Act II – Unutterable Truth
Act III – Remissions / The Sign Of Herou
Act IV – In The Circle Of Wizards / Ritual

Side B :  
Act V – Chase With The Shadows
Act VI – Cross The Styx (Dance With The Souls)
Act VII – The Kingdom Of Wisdom
Act VIII – At The Gates Of Obscurity
Act IX – Final Battle (Against Your Dark Side)
Act X – Pharaoh (The Karma Of The Hierophant)
Requiem For Apocalypse

Side A :
Act I – Waterborn
Act II – Front Of Steel
Act III – Deep Dark… Descent
Act IV – Father Of All Kings
Act V – Rotten Inside
Side B : 
Act VI – Back To Dust
Act VII – The Silent Plague
Act VIII – Krakenfyr
Act IX – Foe’s Funeral
Act X – Winged Blade


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