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MY DYING BRIDE - A Map of All Our Failures - CD+DVD Digibook

Doom Death ; UK

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2012 - Peaceville Records

 CD-1 Kneel Till Doomsday 7:52
CD-2 The Poorest Waltz 5:08
CD-3 A Tapestry Scorned 8:00
CD-4 Like A Perpetual Funeral 8:32
CD-5 A Map Of All Our Failures 7:53
CD-6 Hail Odysseus 8:54
CD-7 Within The Presence Of Absence 8:50
CD-8 Abandoned As Christ 8:41
CD-9 My Faults Are Your Reward 5:28
  Documentary DVD
  An Evening With The Bride
Cameraman [Additional Video Footage], Film Editor [Editing] – Alan Gaunt, Venue VideoCameraman [Interview Footage Supplied By] – Simon ClementPhotography By [Various Photos By] – My Dying Bride
DVD-1.1 Intro 0:51
DVD-1.2 When You Destined To Be A Musician? 5:35
DVD-1.3 Origins 7:30
DVD-1.4 Tour/Festival Preparations 7:21
DVD-1.5 Life On A Tour Bus 5:27
DVD-1.6 Any Particular Tour Items? 1:07
DVD-1.7 Arguments 1:59
DVD-1.8 Sightseeing 2:15
DVD-1.9 Time To Spare... 2:16
DVD-1.10 Nerves 4:16
DVD-1.11 Stage Nightmares 3:53
DVD-1.12 Pre-Gig Rituals 1:46
DVD-1.13 The Final Moments Before The Show 5:14
DVD-1.14 The Stage Experience 3:31
DVD-1.15 What Makes A Show 5:20
DVD-1.16 Leaving Stage 3:30
DVD-1.17 The Road Home 2:04
DVD-1.18 The Future... 6:48


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