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We primarily accept payments by Credit Card (Carte Bleu, Mastercard, Visa, etc.) via the Crédit Agricole Bank module, by Swift transfer (ask for 1 RIB). We still take Paypal (surely not for long ...) but it costs us for nothing (2.9% or more outside Europa until 5%, + 0.25 fixed), and since September their module under our Prestashop has been working very badly ?! And no one at Paypal or Prestashop wants to take care of it; they are passing the buck ... Basically, the payment would appear as a payment error, when in fact we can collect it! So no need to re-order. And in addition, there are also errors in amounts with strange rounding ?? for an invoice of 12.89 € for example, the module will ask Paypal 12.50 € or 13 € !! Afterwards, for several months we have been working Paypal in "Manual Collection" mode which is done after the preparation of your order! There are 2 big advantages to this. On the one hand, if an item is missing or if the calculated shipping costs are too high, the invoice falling, we can then only collect the amount of the invoice !! The difference will be refunded to you by Paypal (the times may vary depending on whether you had the sum in the account or if the credit was supplied by credit card). And therefore, no more repayments to be made, because for more than a year, Paypal (good to know !!) no longer refunds the costs on payments and refunds ?? For example you pay € 30, here we receive € 28.88. But if the order is canceled because the item is no longer available, we must refund you on the 30 €. Before Paypal then refund us the costs of 1.12 € ... not anymore ...

In short, if Paypal or Prestashop does not repair this Bug, we think of removing Paypal from the site. Then we can take it manually after preparation and validation of your order!

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