The Adipocere Label exists since 1992! We started in Miribel, then in Mézériat until 2008, then with a shop in Bourg-en-Bresse until June 2020 !! Then we moved to Vonnas where we are now. N°50 is in fact an apartment that we occupy while waiting for the work in our hangar (at the end of the dead end just to the right of N°50) to open a real shop there again in 2024 / 2025 who knows ?...

If you want to come here, we advise you to take a Rendez-Vous first, we never know ... You have to ring the doorbell downstairs and wait for someone to come and open it for you.

We have various activities. Production of groups, record store and alcohol merchant, production of craft beers for groups (under official license) via local breweries, local markets, stands in concerts / Festivals. And also we can take care of your CD or vinyl pressing!

We are now only 2 in the team: Sylvie and Christian! So it can happen that we are a little overwhelmed with work; thank you for being indulgent in case of delay because we are not machines.

Also, our site is far from complete, we have thousands of items in stock here, but not yet on the site. And a lot of second-hand CDs and LPs too !! You are free to send us research lists, we will do our best.

You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram (the best way to find out if we are away on the road for example!).

We sell on Discogs too (also 2nd hand and all kind of music) :

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