METALLICA - Orgullo, Pasion, Y Gloria - 2 CDS+2DVDS Agrandir

METALLICA - Orgullo, Pasion, Y Gloria - 2-CD + 2-DVD

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Universal Music Group Argentine 2010 – 2728788

DVD1-1 The Ecstasy Of Gold  
DVD1-2 Creeping Death  
DVD1-3 For Whom The Bell Tolls  
DVD1-4 Ride The Lightning  
DVD1-5 Disposable Heroes  
DVD1-6 One  
DVD1-7 Broken, Beat And Scarred  
DVD1-8 The Memory Remains  
DVD1-9 Sad But True  
DVD1-10 The Unforgiven  
DVD1-11 All Nightmare Long  
DVD1-12 The Day That Never Comes  
DVD1-13 Master Of Puppets  
DVD1-14 Fight Fire With Fire  
DVD1-15 Nothing Else Matters  
DVD1-16   Enter Sandman  
DVD1-17 The Wait  
DVD1-18 Hit The Lights  
DVD1-19 Seek And Destroy  
DVD2-1 That Was Just Your Life  
DVD2-2 The End Of The Line  
DVD2-3 Holier Than Thou  
DVD2-4 Cyanide  
DVD2-5 Blackened  
DVD2-6 Helpless  
DVD2-7 Trapped Under Ice  
DVD2-8 Turn The Page  
DVD2-9 The Prince  
DVD2-10 No Remorse  
DVD2-11 Fuel  
DVD2-12 Wherever I May Roam  
DVD2-13 Harvester Of Sorrow  
DVD2-14 Fade To Black  
DVD2-15 ...And Justice For All  
DVD2-16 Dyers Eve  
CD1-1 The Ecstasy Of Gold 1:58
CD1-2 Creeping Death 6:21
CD1-3 For Whom The Bell Tolls 5:30
CD1-4 Ride The Lightning 7:10
CD1-5 Disposable Heroes 8:22
CD1-6 One 9:06
CD1-7 Broken, Beat And Scarred 6:48
CD1-8 The Memory Remains 5:33
CD1-9 Sad But True 7:05
CD1-10 The Unforgiven 5:51
CD2-1 All Nightmare Long 8:06
CD2-2 The Day That Never Comes 8:06
CD2-3 Master Of Puppets 8:14
CD2-4 Fight Fire With Fire 6:48
CD2-5 Nothing Else Matters 5:57
CD2-6 Enter Sandman 8:18
CD2-7 The Wait 4:17
CD2-8 Hit The Lights 6:33
CD2-9 Seek And Destroy 7:37


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