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W.A.S.P - The Sting - CD + DVD Digibook

Heavy Metal ; USA

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Re-issue 2012 SNAPPER MUSIC
LIVE at the Key Club Los Angeles Avril 2000

 CD-1  Helldorado  
CD-2 Inside The Electric Circus  
CD-3 Chainsaw Charlie  
CD-4 Wild Child  
CD-5 L.O.V.E. Machine  
CD-6 Animal  
CD-7 Sleeping In The Fire  
CD-8 Damnation Angels  
CD-9 Dirty Balls  
CD-10 The Real Me  
CD-11 I Wanna Be Somebody  
CD-12 Blind In Texas
 DVD-1 Helldorado  
DVD-2 Inside The Electric Circus  
DVD-3 Chainsaw Charlie  
DVD-4 Wild Child  
DVD-5 L.O.V.E. Machine  
DVD-6 Animal  
DVD-7 Sleeping In The Fire  
DVD-8 Damnation Angels  
DVD-9 Dirty Balls  
DVD-10 The Real Me  
DVD-11 I Wanna Be Somebody  
DVD-12 Blind In Texas  
DVD-13 Album Discography  
DVD-14 Picture Gallery  
DVD-15 Web Links


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