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DRAGONFORCE - Killer Elite - 2-CD+DVD

Power Mélodique, UK

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 COMPILATION - 2016 - Spinefarm Records

The Hits

CD1-1 Through The Fire And Flames 7:19
CD1-2 Holding On 4:54
CD1-3 Heroes Of Our Time 7:13
CD1-4 Cry Thunder 5:16
CD1-5 Black Fire 5:47
CD1-6 Dawn Over A New World 5:12
CD1-7 Fields Of Despair (Live) 5:31
CD1-8 The Game 4:56
CD1-9 Operation Ground And Pound    
CD1-10      Seasons 5:04
CD1-11 Reasons To Live 6:25
CD1-12 Soldiers Of The Wasteland 9:47
  The Highs
CD2-1 Valley Of The Damned 7:11
CD2-2 Fury Of The Storm 6:46
CD2-3 Revolution Deathsquad 7:53
CD2-4 Wings Of Liberty 7:22
CD2-5 My Spirit Will Go On 7:53
CD2-6 Three Hammers (Live) 6:09
CD2-7 Symphony Of The Night 5:20
CD2-8 The Last Journey Home 8:12
CD2-9 Starfire (Live) 5:54
CD2-10 Heart Of A Dragon 5:22
  The Vids
DVD-1 Through The Fire And Flames  
DVD-2 Operation Ground And Pound  
DVD-3 Heroes Of Our Time  
DVD-4 The Last Journey Home  
DVD-5 Cry Thunder  
DVD-6 Seasons  
DVD-7 The Game  
DVD-8 Three Hammers



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