AFTER FOREVER - Prison of Desire Expanded Edition - 2-LP Agrandir

AFTER FOREVER - Prison of Desire Expanded Edition - 2-LP

Heavy Symphonique

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Transmission 2015

1. Mea Culpa 
2. Leaden Legacy 
3. Semblance of Confusion 
4. Black Tomb 
5. Follow in the Cry 
1. Silence from Afar 
2. Inimical Chimera 
3. Tortuous Threnody 
4. Ephemeral
1. Yield to Temptation
2. Beyond Me - duet with Sharon den Adel
3. Wings of Illusion - non-album track
1. Mea Culpa - session version
2. Semblance of Confusion - session version
3. Black Tomb - session version
4. Leaden Legacy - session version 
5. Follow in the Cry - session version

On this deluxe 2 LP document of Prison of Desire, which includes 6 bonus tracks, you can hear how it all started. Prison of Desire roams through inky black Wagnerian passages, draughty cathedrals, ethereal apparitions. Singer Floor Jansen’s (Nightwish) classically trained soprano voice is a true revelation and can stand up as easily to a complete choir as to the deeply shrouded grunts from Sander Gommans (HDK) and Mark Jansen (Epica). Prison of Desire operates in the same twilight zone as, for instance, Nightwish, the Gathering, Therion and Within Temptation, but, at the same time, has its own unique sound. Lucidly mixed by Oscar Holleman and with singer Sharon den Adel (Within Temptation) as special guest, this is one of the most impressive Dutch metal debut albums of the past few years.


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